The ‘Reflections’ Coaching Course for Driving Instructors

Designed in  2011, this is the first course for driving instructors in the UK which teaches coaching skills involving all pupils – including coaching those on the autistic spectrum!

‘Reflections’ deals with coaching techniques involving pupils’ reflection on their own learning which is a key skill for learners of all ages and abilities.  Excel Academy believes that coaching techniques need to be available for and understood and applied by all pupils – regardless of ability or disability.  ‘Reflections’ is the only course in the UK which provides this.

Pupils on the autistic spectrum will have problems understanding traditional coaching systems – and ‘Reflections’ shows not only where these difficulties are, but the reasons why.  Then techniques will be taught to enable a driving instructor to coach a pupil on the spectrum, including helping them to reflect on their own learning and attitude.

‘Reflections’ goes into coaching techniques for instructors which include –

  • Making pupils aware of the importance of driver attitude to the road and to those who use it
  • Encouraging pupils to reflect on their learning as their lessons progress
  • Special communication systems for coaching pupils on the autistic spectrum
  • How to increase awareness in pupils of improvements they could make in their own driving, without over-criticism or producing self-esteem loss.

The course involves 6 hours’ training, which is mostly in-car and is divided into sections which target the coaching techniques beneficial to each group of pupils.

In Leicester, this course costs £250.  A certificate is awarded by Excel Academy on completion, and instructors will receive 6 hours’ CPD.

This course can also be taught in your local area and two instructors can be taken on the course  together – email Excel Academy for prices on .

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  1. Tony Lane

     /  07/08/2011


    It’s Tony Lane

    Please can you send me details of when you are running your next training course.

    • The next ‘Revolutions’ can be booked on most days from Monday19th September onwards. Please let me know what dates you require as it gets full quickly!



  2. Liz guidi

     /  03/02/2012

    Hi Julia can you please send me details of the reflections course, many thanks liz

  3. Hi julia I don’t know if you remember me but I contacted you a while ago as regards passing my driving instructors test ,well I’m really pleased to say that I’ve now passed and trying to build my business up .But what I’m interested in is learning to teach people with autism so could you please send me any details on this please
    My email is
    Wait to here mike wright

  4. Amina

     /  29/06/2012

    Is there any place where i can do this course in birmingham?

    • Hi Amina,

      All courses are in Leicester at the moment, but for an extra fee we can come to Birmingham and deliver it for you there.

      Call 0116 223 5652 for further information if you’re interested!




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