The ‘Revolutions’ Course

The award-winning ‘Revolutions’ Course was designed by Julia Malkin in 2009 to teach Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) how to teach pupils with Asperger syndrome, Irlen’s syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and mental health difficulties.

‘Revolutions’ is the only course of its kind in the UK, involving special needs training delivered in-car, and won Exceldia several awards including  –

  • The ‘ADI Industry Achievement Award’ in 2010
  • The East Midlands ‘Women of Worth’ Finalist Award for Innovation 2010
  • The University of Leicester Employability Award for Business and Enterprise 2011
  • The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

This course is 15 hours in duration and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. ADIs receive in-car training, specially written support materials and a certificate on completion which can be counted towards CPD.

The price of the ‘Revolutions’ course if held in Leicester is £500 when done as a one-to-one intensive course. Two can train together for £400 each. If you would like the course taught in your local area, email Julia at and she will give you a price – ‘Revolutions’ can be taught throughout the UK!

2010 appearance for the Leicester Mercury, April 2010.

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