Developing Driving Simulators – Project with the University of Nottingham – Funding approved!

The University of Nottingham has recently called upon the services of Julia Malkin MBE to help with their driving simulators in the Department of Psychology.

With two Professors of Psychology, several electronics lecturers, engineering technicians, 16 computers, many programmers and a little help from a Mini, two driving simulators have been built at the University…by everyday drivers, for everyday drivers.  But – what about learning to drive – and learning to drive with autism?

With this in mind, Julia was contacted by the University to road-test the simulators, to gain perspectives both from the viewpoint of a driving instructor and from the viewpoint of a pupil on the autistic spectrum.  There were many points observed by Julia that the University professors had not taken into account with simulators – the use of imagination, for example, the difference in real controls and simulated controls and speedometer accuracy.

The University, after using Julia’s name and Excel Academy’s backup, has now succeeded in gaining further funding for this project, with the objective of making driving and learning on a simulator accessible to all!