ASpire – Excel’s Careers Advice for AS People Coming Soon!

Excel Academy is researching careers advising for people of all ages with Asperger syndrome.  The aim of this is to be able to provide a full careers and guidance support network to help people with AS across the UK.  This service is to be called ‘ASpire.’

AS people have great potential for employment and yet their options seem to be limited.  Only 15% of them are employed, most of them part-time, and as a result of this their potential remains untapped.

Julia began advising on careers issues with an AS person who initially came to her for driving lessons and didn’t know what to do with his life.  Now he has just signed up to do a Certificate in Management Studies at the University of Leicester.

Another person with AS is changing his career and becoming a driving instructor with help from Excel Academy.

People with AS can succeed against the odds – Julia is proof of this.  She is researching the careers advice service further and will  become a Member of the Institute of Career Guidance (MICG) shortly to be able to provide this service to AS people nationwide.


The ASSET System – grow in confidence!

Excel Academy now offers the one-to-one ASSET system across the UK.  What started as a local initiative has grown into a national service.

People with Asperger syndrome (AS) often feel worthless and inferior to others, often as a result of bullying.  To grow confidence can seem like an impossible task.  The ASSET system (Asperger Syndrome Self-Esteem Therapy) was designed in 2009 in response to demand and now has helped people of all ages, both locally and nationally.

Because Julia Malkin has been trained in counselling and educational inclusion, she designed the ASSET system after finding that AS people have problems with other approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy.  The improvement rate with this system has been proven to be excellent and testimonials are available to prove how valuable it is to building confidence in oneself!

This service is offered as a specialist one-to-one system though family members can be present.  Usually benefits can be seen in just a few hours – it can be done in a weekend!

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