Revolutions Plus – the latest challenge for driving instructors!

Could you control a pupil having a full-blown panic attack behind the wheel of your car if you were in fast-moving traffic and there’s nowhere to pull over?  How can you tell if an autistic person has the capability to become a successful driver?  ‘Revolutions Plus’ is the sequel to ‘Revolutions’ – a course which takes you further!

Autistic Driving SchoolThe original ‘Revolutions’ has increased in popularity and demand since sections from the course were shown on BBC3’s ‘Autistic Driving School.’  A sequel was never planned for this course – until instructors requested it!

Designed on demand from driving instructors, ‘Revolutions Plus’ is, like the original course, three days in length and costs £500 in Leicester – prices elsewhere vary – email for details!

This course goes further into the investigation of autism in relation to driving, teaching instructors how to assess potential pupils and their needs.  How many lessons will they need?  What must I be prepared for as an instructor?  These questions will be answered in ‘Revolutions Plus.’

It culminates in a true-to-life experience – the onset of a full-blown panic attack, behind the wheel of your car, in fast-moving traffic.

Are you ready for the challenge of ‘Revolutions Plus?’

Learn to assess how many lessons an autistic pupil will need – how to see the world through their eyes – how to control panic in a desperate on-road situation!  Only ‘Revolutions Plus’ provides this – and much more!

Interested in the challenge? Email for further details at .