BBC3’s ‘Autistic Driving School’ video clips

With thanks to Firecracker Films for allowing permission for these clips to be shown.

Here are 4 excerpts from ‘Autistic Driving School.’

Trailer from ‘Autistic Driving School.’

Julia’s Story

This is part of the documentary, ‘Autistic Driving School’ which was broadcast on BBC3. It tells the story of Julia Malkin, the most qualified driving instructor in the UK.  It shows her battle with autism and her mission of inclusion in education both inside and outside the driver training industry.

Julia and Sarah

This excerpt from ‘Autistic Driving School’ shows Julia Malkin meeting and teaching Sarah Ponari from Birmingham.  Sarah has Asperger syndrome and hasn’t driven for several years. What this clip doesn’t tell you is that the whole session of film you will see was done on the day Julia and Sarah first met each other.

The ‘Revolutions’ Course for ADIs 

Teaching pupils with autism can present a challenge for driving instructors.  In this part of Autistic Driving School, Julia is going through sequences of her award-winning ‘Revolutions’ course with another ADI.  Julia is playing the part of an autistic pupil in a real-life on-road situation.


Julia meets the ADI Registrar!

On 18 May 2010, Julia was invited to the Driving Standards Agency’s Cardington area in Bedfordshire, where the driving examiners are trained.  She was invited by Charles Morton, the Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), who has a daughter with Asperger syndrome.

Charles Morton (far right) meets Julia Malkin.

Accompanied by Mac McDade, the director of  ‘Ideas4ADIs’ , a company designing products for instructors, and Barbara Trafford, head of the ADI Federation, Julia had a full tour of the training ground and examiner training areas.  She was presented with the ‘ADI Industry Achievement Award’ by Mac, the award’s sponsor, before taking a full tour of the site.  Charles, the registrar, is standing on the far right of the photo on the right.

Julia is presented with the Achievement Award by Mac McDade.

Charles was ‘very impressed’ with Julia’s ability and qualifications as the UK’s most qualified ADI.

Because his daughter Fiona has AS, he fully understood the condition and was able to appreciate the effort involved to succeed.

The day at Cardington included a bus tour and a meeting with Brian, the chief trainer.